Real Energy Field Study

Reihl Coil Field Study KIWI Kalamazoo

Commercial Refrigeration with Reihl Coil™ Energy Efficient Evaporator Coils

Southwest Michigan Test Location:

Kiwi & Co. Inc., Kalamazoo, MI

Energy Monitoring Time Line Summary

Energy MonitoringPre-installation Energy Monitoring of the existing system started Nov. 8, 2016. The existing system operated running two aged evaporator coils, with 3 Non ECM Motors each and no evaporator fan controls. Evaporator fans running 24/7 365.


The existing evaporator coils were removed on Feb. 10, 2017 and replaced with one RC 30 Reihl Coil™
Reihl Coil RC30


Date Range : Nov. 12 – Dec. 27

Pre-install Compressor Average = 31.62 kWh per day

Pre-install Evaporator Average = 13.21 kWh per day

Total System Pre-install Average = 44.83 kWh per day

Date Range : Feb. 10 – Feb. 25

Post-install Compressor Average = 15.33 kWh per day

Post-install Evaporator Average = 2.577 kWh per day

Post-install Total System Average = 17.907 kWh per day

Compressor savings was 51.51%

Evaporator savings was 80.49%

Total System savings was 60.05%

Total system savings was 26.92 KWh average per day, 807.69 KWh per month, and 9692.28 KWh per year.

$0.129 per kWh that is $3.47 per day and $104.19 per month

9692.28 kWh  x  $0.129 per kWh = $1250.30 Cash Savings per Year


Customer rate of $0.129 per kWh, rate varies per region and utility provider.