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If you or your company have experience in the HVAC industry installing freezers and coolers or would like to carry Reihl Coils® in your product line, please contact us for more information.

Real Energy offers the only energy efficient evaporator coil on the market, installing a Reihl Coil®, either new or as an upgrade, will save a business thousands per year in operating costs and reduce their over all energy usage by 50% or more. We work with additional energy saving options that offer rebates for businesses that lower their energy footprint and financing is available. Commissions are based on units sold, product specifications and sales information provided, knowledge or HVACR, freezers, coolers, and construction is helpful for new or established representatives and HVAC Companies.

For more information about becoming a Reihl Coil® supplier, fill out the form, provide some basic information about you or your company's cooler and/or freezer experience, optionally, attach your resume.

We are available via phone during office hours, Eastern Standard Time, 9 AM - 5 PM, 888 508 1172 or email

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