Save an average of 25%-30% of your refrigeration and air conditioning operating costs with a Real Energy Cold Cash Box add on



Tired of your refrigeration system sucking away all your money? The Cold Cash Box is a PCM Chamber add on, which installs to your existing refrigeration system.  The Cold Cash Box saves 25%-30% in energy cost.  Its affordable and only takes an hour for your HVAC/R tech to install. Measuring  7” x 9” x 3”, the small size of the PCM chamber will make it convenient and noninvasive to install on most vapor compression refrigeration systems. Suggested retail cost is $800.

Depending on your location you may be eligible for a utility rebate.

We are currently developing these for low and high temp systems. By January 2017 we will have them for all air conditioners, chillers, mini-splits, freezers, heat pumps, etc.

How It Works

The PCM chamber is connected between the TXV and inlet to the evaporator coil and is designed to remove heat from the newly created liquid/vapor refrigerant mix leaving the TXV; condensing the vapor back to a liquid before it reaches the inlet to the evaporator coil.

The PCM chamber accomplishes the energy saving by running the liquid/vapor refrigerant mixture across phase change material (PCM) enclosed in an insulated housing. During certain parts of the compressor run cycle the PCM temperature is lower than the refrigerant mixture in the initial phase of the cycle, yet higher than the refrigerant mixture later in the cycle; hence making it sustainable. When the correct PCM is selected, after system start up, the PCM will always remain at or below phase change temperature. With the PCM remaining below phase change temperature, exchanging heat with the refrigerant in both directions creates a heat multiplier similar to that seen in geothermal heating and cooling systems.

Initial in-house study shows an average reduction of energy consumption of 36.78% in a controlled environment. The cabinet humidity changed very little when the PCM chamber was added to the system.

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