Real Energy

Your Energy Saving Specialists

Reducing energy use and costs with efficient products, services, and utility rebates.



  • Wholesale LED Lighting Sales & Installation
  • Energy efficient refrigeration design and installation for new builds and existing systems
  • Custom built walk-in coolers & freezer
  • Energy Monitoring & Audits for Savings and Rebates
  • Rebate & financing assistance with International & National capabilities
  • High Reach LED Installations
  • Save an average of 25%-30% of your yearly refrigeration and air conditioning operating costs
  • Reduce monthly operating costs, energy saving LED lighting update and replacement, indoors and out.

LED Lighting decreases commercial and residential energy footprints and in the process reduces energy usage and saves money.

  • Quality LEDs, Energy Consulting and Monitoring services for commercial and residential use.
  • Accessible, friendly Customer Service
  • Industry Standard, MFG Product Specific money back guarantees and Energy Rebates on our services and products.
  • Energy Usage monitoring for pre and post installations, ROI estimates, and financing options.
  • Regularly low prices and International deliveries .
  • We work with businesses, architects and contractors to supply complete projects, within budget and time frame.

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Energy Monitoring & Audits

If you operate a commercial cooler or own a business, you can save money with Real Energy efficiency services. We monitor average kilowatt usage for calculating Savings and Rebates. Pre-installation and post-installation energy monitoring of the existing system provides data for calculating average use, costs, and ultimately, savings and rebates where applicable. Save thousands per year!

Energy Monitoring

Custom Walk-in Coolers & Freezers

  • Energy efficient refrigeration design and installation for new builds and existing systems
  • Custom built walk-in coolers & freezers
  • Custom-Built Commercial Coolers, Display Coolers, and Commercial Freezers

Working with established manufacturers, we provide walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, cold rooms, reach-in coolers/freezers, beverage coolers, beer caves, etc. and have installed refrigeration systems for restaurants, convenience stores, bars, funeral homes, schools, breweries, and floral shops – any business requiring refrigeration. From glass door merchandisers to chef bases and display cases, you’ll find everything you need to sell, prep, and store cold foods and beverages. Custom or Pre-made, ready to ship.

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Centrally located in Galesburg, Michigan, Real Energy services the local area and across the U.S., reducing energy usage and saving money. We commercially supply all refrigeration and LED lighting needs, offering the most efficient commercial refrigeration and LED products on the market.

Real Energy

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