The Reihl Coil™ Technology


Reihl Coil™ Evaporator Technology is unique. Our energy efficient evaporator coils come standard with ECM motor fans and a Dixell control. It is the first and only energy efficient evaporator coil for walk-in coolers & freezers. This model uses less energy to operate and saves, on average, 50% of the operating costs when compared to other systems on the market. Our ECM type fan motors offer the highest efficiency available. An integrated digital thermostat and fan control allows the evaporator fans to run for a shorter period of time with less frequency while still maintaining the optimal temperature for your needs. Reihl Coil™ Evaporator Technology also reduces the humidity in your coolers. Reihl Coil™ units use a Phase Change Material (PCM) to improve the amount of heat exchange in the coils themselves and use more surface area to extend the performance of the heat exchange. All of these innovations combine to give you the patented Reihl Coil® Evaporator Technology.

Reihl Coils

With a Reihl Coil™, you can expect to lower your company’s operating energy costs and potentially cut your energy usage by up to 50 to 75% – expect a ROI between six months and two years for new and replacement applications depending on your location and climate. Reihl Coils™ are Easy & Fast to install. Take advantage of Real Energy being the first in the industry to offer a savings guarantee rebate.


Contact us with any questions or to make an appointment to evaluate your company’s needs. We look forward to hearing from you and meeting to discuss your energy saving options. Do you or your company have HVAC/R installation and or service experience ? Become Reihl Coil Certified and join the growing list of Reihl Coil™ Certified HVAC/R Installation Companies.




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