Energy Efficient Reihl Coil™ Evaporator Coils

Energy Efficient Reihl Coil™ Evaporator Coils, the first and only energy efficient evaporator coil, save you thousands per year. Reihl Coils™ increase the energy efficiency of walk-in coolers and freezers by an average of fifty percent or greater. Together with combined cooling efficiency, less compressor run time, and decreased electric usage costs, your business saves money and decreases energy consumption for years to come.


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The Reihl Coil™ Technology

Yearly Operating Cost for Conventional Walk-in Freezers & Coolers


Reihl Coils™ Save on average


Reihl Coils™ use less energy to operate and save, on average, 50% of your yearly operating costs when compared to other systems on the market. Less electricity is consumed to maintain a Reihl Coil’s™ cabinet temperature, resulting in a reduction of the overall cost of operation. You can expect to lower operating energy costs and potentially cut your energy usage by up to 50 to 75%. For both new and replacement applications and depending on your climate and location, the ROI for a Reihl Coil™ can be between six months and two years.

Reihl Coil™ Coolers & Freezers

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Digital Thermostat and Fan Control

Reihl Coils™ come standard with a Dixell integrated digital thermostat to maintain optimal temperature and evaporator fan control.

Conventional Walk-in Freezers & Cooler Fan Running Time


Reihl Coil Walk-in Freezer & Cooler Fan Running Time


Reihl Coil Design

Lowering your company’s operating energy costs with Reihl Coils™.

Increased efficiency allows for a reduction in the number of fan motors and less compressor run time, to achieve the same cooling effect. Consequently, less electricity is consumed to maintain cabinet temperature, resulting in a reduction in the overall cost of operation.

The Reihl Coil uses a PCM (Phase Change Material) which allows heat to be absorbed more rapidly than a conventional evaporator coil. The PCM absorbs heat that would cause the refrigerant to vaporize in a standard system. The Reihl Coil™ also changed the conventional fin design by increasing the surface area to improve the heat transfer process.

Suction Pressure
By using the PCM, the Reihl Coil™ is able to lower the suction pressure. A lower suction pressure decreases the load on the compressor which reduces its electrical consumption. SLUDGING?

Heat Multiplier
The addition of the PCM within the Reihl Coil™ accomplishes two important things:

  • Reduction in the compressors total run time.
  • Radiant cooling that maintains the cabinet and product temperature while the evaporator fans are off.

Coil Design
With the Reihl Coil™ design, air travels at a higher velocity through the coil, aiding in keeping the coil clear. This cannot be done with a conventional evaporator for many reasons:

  • A conventional evaporator is only cooling when the compressor is running, whereas The Reihl Coil has reserved cooling during the compressors off cycle.
  • The evaporator design used by the competition is smaller. Less heat can be absorbed in the competitor’s design due to the reduced surface area in the evaporator fins.
  • All evaporator fan motors generate heat. The efficiency of The Reihl Coil requires fewer ECM motors compared with the competition. Fewer ECM motors means decreased heat generated during the compressor run cycle.

The Reihl Coil’s patented coil assembly has demonstrated energy savings of approximately 59% over the competitor’s system of equal volume and controls.

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Energy Efficient Evaporator Coils

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